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Online air freight booking in an instant, tracking, alerts and more.

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Hangar A Delivers

Cost Savings 

Reduce the cost and complexity of the air cargo process, eliminating manual steps and increasing productivity

Greater Efficiency 

Save valuable time with features that automate the logistics process——like creating and storing documents electronically

Supply Chain Visibility

Monitor shipping activity in real-time—and identify problems in your supply chain, eliminating expensive mistakes

Business Intelligence

View on-demand analytics and reporting, enabling you to make smarter decisions based on insights gained from your transportation data

Flexible Coverage

Increase market access using our marketplace of service providers in lanes where you don’t have coverage

Cloud Technology

Take full advantage of the latest cloud technology—secure, reliable and scalable to meet the needs of any size company

What People are saying
" Hangar A’s approach to putting shipping optimization at the fingertips of air freight shippers is a game changer! It will give companies the opportunity to compete without having to invest millions of dollars in logistics. "
Judith Taylor
Logistics Consultant