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The Hangar A Advantage

Up to 20%
Reduced Costs

How can our platform cut your labor and delivery costs so substantially? It uses advanced workflow automation to streamline the entire shipping process, from booking to tracking to management.

Speed to Market

Book door-to-door air shipments 40 to 60% faster. That’s the power of our advanced flight search, rate management tools and on-demand marketplace, which give you instant access to schedules and rates of over
120 carriers.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Our user experience is specially designed to increase your productivity—and thus help you maximize profits—by enabling you to book and manage more air transactions using fewer of your company’s resources.

Decision Support 

The key to making fast, smart transportation decisions? Advanced analytics and decision support. We give you both, combining your shipping data in one location—so you can review costs and performance on demand, optimize routing, and evaluate alternative shipping options.


Our platform puts the power of advanced track and trace capabilities in your hands, and maintains a virtual archive of every transaction, to ensure that your process is fully auditable.

More Flexibility
and Choice

An open-provider independent platform can maximize your options, and we’ve designed ours to be the best—a self-service solution where you can manage your own carrier relationships and last mile supply chain, or use one of our industry partners to fulfill your shipments.

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The Features

The Features and Offerings

online booking
Book your air freight shipment in 40 to 60% less time, including first and last mile.
Rate management
Find the best price using dynamic rate information for both air carrier and cartage.
ENHANCED Visibility
Enjoy full transparency and visibility of your shipments and of the shipping process.
Access over 120 independent carriers through our online cartage marketplace. 
Decision Support
Make smarter, faster, more informed shipping decisions with advanced support tools.

The Products and Services


Do you ship your products by air? Then you want, and deserve, greater visibility and control of the delivery process. Our platform gives you the tools to build and manage your own last mile supply chain for air cargo.   

Service Provider Platform

Do you move air cargo for your clients or hope to offer air cargo services through your own digital logistics platform? Use a white-label version of our platform to give your clients the benefits of digital automation.


Are you a carrier that needs a new way to drive more volume and enhance customer experience? Use our platform to reach more customers and fill capacity in real-time.

What People are saying
" Hangar A’s approach to putting shipping optimization at the fingertips of air freight shippers is a game changer! It will give companies the opportunity to compete without having to invest millions of dollars in logistics. "
Judith Taylor
Logistics Consultant

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