Introducing our Express Cargo Management System (eCMS)

Imagine diving into a world where every aspect of your air cargo logistics is seamlessly enhanced by leading-edge technology. This is the reality with our eCMS, the Express Cargo Management System that’s transforming the way businesses handle expedited deliveries. From dock to door, we connect you to an unparalleled network of first, middle, and last-mile shipping services, ensuring that your shipments are managed with unmatched precision and efficiency.

Express Delivery Platform
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Dynamic Pricing

Access optimal, dynamic pricing with Hangar A, where you benefit from a comprehensive comparison across certified air and ground carriers. By utilizing low-cost, unused airline capacity, we ensure you receive the most efficient express air cargo options, saving you money compared to traditional services like UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

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Enhanced E-Booking

With our e-booking ability, you can revolutionize your express delivery operations by accessing a seamless, all-in-one platform to schedule and manage your shipments from dock to door. You’ll be able to quickly compare and select the most cost-effective and efficient routes from a vast network of certified air and ground transportation companies.

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Seamless System

Our expert integration specialists partner with you to connect your existing Transportation Management System (TMS), Order Management System (OMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), supply chain, and e-commerce platforms. The result? A harmonious blend of your current systems with our advanced capabilities, enhancing your operational workflow without the need for extensive system overhauls.

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Real-Time Tracking and
Operational Efficiency

Enhance your visibility and operational efficiency with our unified platform, offering real-time tracking and exception management. You and your customers can monitor every step of your shipment, from the moment the label is placed to its arrival at the final mile, including precise geolocation tracking. This level of oversight allows you to quickly resolve any issues with real-time alerts and analytics, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process.

AI Automation
AI-Powered Decision

Automate your decision-making process with our AI-powered insights. From weather alerts to status updates and disruption notifications, you receive actionable intelligence that supports informed, real-time decisions. Learn from past shipments, receive tailored recommendations, and optimize your logistics decisions to continually improve performance.

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Meet Evolving Customer

Stay ahead of market demands with our efficient and responsive logistics solutions, meeting the growing need for next-day and two-day shipping. Your customers expect swift, reliable service, and we deliver just that, keeping you competitive and responsive in a fast-paced market.

Transform Logistics Operation

Transform Your Logistics Operation

Reimagine your reach, redefine your market, and reinvent your delivery strategy with our eCMS. This system doesn’t just complement your existing logistics infrastructure—it elevates it, ensuring you’re equipped to streamline operations, maximize revenue, and exceed customer expectations. Start your journey with Hangar A and experience a new era of logistical excellence.

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