Zone Skipping Explained

Zone skipping is a strategic logistics approach that consolidates shipments and sends them directly to a carrier’s hub closer to their final destinations, rather than individually shipping items from your warehouse across multiple zones. This method isn’t new, but it can be a game-changer. By bypassing several carrier zones, it reduces the number of touch points, thereby shortening transit times and decreasing the likelihood of freight damage or loss due to theft.

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How does zone skipping work?

Imagine you’re shipping multiple orders from New York to various destinations across the country. Instead of sending these packages individually through an over-the-road (OTR) carrier that sorts and reroutes them through several hubs, you consolidate all orders destined for the West Coast and ship them by airline in one move to a hub in California. From there, they are sorted and delivered locally, significantly reducing the transit time and shipping costs.

Streamlining Distribution: A Nationwide Strategy for Regional Businesses

Using our integrated air and ground delivery network supported by our advanced Express Cargo Management System (eCMS), you can centralize your inventory in one hub and offer next-day and two-day delivery nationwide. This virtualized distribution model leverages zone skipping and our streamlined logistics to expand your reach from regional to national without the high costs of multiple physical warehouses. Opting for Hangar A not only enhances your service levels across the board but also significantly impacts your bottom line, allowing you to redefine your market reach in a highly cost-effective manner. Choose Hangar A and transform your logistical challenges into opportunities.

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Benefits of Zone Skipping

  • Reduced Shipping Costs: By eliminating multiple zone costs, you save on the per-package fee that escalates with each zone a package travels through. This is especially beneficial if you’re shipping large volumes.

  • Faster Delivery Times: Reducing the number of zones each package travels through cuts down on transit times. Faster delivery enhances customer satisfaction and give you a competitive edge.

  • Decreased Risk of Damage: Fewer handling stages mean a lower risk of your products being damaged in transit. This can lead to fewer returns and complaints.
  • Simplified Logistics: Managing shipments can be complex, especially when dealing with multiple carriers and routes. Zone skipping simplifies this process by reducing the number of variables involved.

Is zone skipping right for you?

Zone skipping isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It works best for businesses with high shipping volumes to concentrated areas. Assess your current shipping patterns and costs to determine if the savings and operational efficiencies you could achieve with zone skipping justify the switch.

Remember, the goal of adopting any new shipping strategy, including zone skipping, is to enhance your service offerings while reducing operational costs. By understanding and leveraging the benefits of zone skipping, you can better meet the demands of your customers and keep your business competitive in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. Consider testing this strategy with a segment of your shipments to measure its impact before rolling it out fully.

By being proactive and innovative in your logistics strategy, you are setting your business up for success in today’s market and beyond.

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Implementing Zone Skipping in Your Business

To effectively implement zone skipping, consider the following steps:

  • Volume Analysis: Ensure you have enough volume going to the same destination area to make consolidation cost-effective.
  • Carrier Partnerships: Work closely with a trusted team of logistics allies—like Hangar A’s express delivery network of commercial air and ground carriers —that have the reach and flexibility to accommodate and optimize your shipping routes.
  • Technology Integration: Utilize robust logistics software—like Hangar A’s eCMS—to ensure you can e-book and track your consolidated shipments effectively, from dock to door.
  • Customer Communication: Keep your customers informed about how zone skipping might affect delivery times, especially if it results in faster service.

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