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Founded in 2018, Hangar A has revolutionized the logistics industry by combining advanced technology, a robust air and ground delivery network, and exceptional support services. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern e-commerce retailers, manufacturers, and third-party logistics firms, we offer a seamless integration of services from e-booking to delivery, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination quickly and reliably. Whether you’re dealing with pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, luxury goods, apparel, or critical transportation parts, Hangar A provides a tailored logistics solution that supports your business’ growth and operational efficiency.

Hangar A
Delivery Truck and Plane

Delivery Network of Partnered Airlines and Carriers

Robust Express Cargo Delivery Network: We provide a comprehensive delivery network encompassing first, middle, and last-mile services through strategic partnerships with commercial airlines and carrier businesses. Each partner has seamlessly integrated their systems with our eCMS, providing extensive reach and flexibility to meet various logistics demands. Our delivery network is designed for organizations seeking an affordable end-to-end e-fulfillment solution for their express shipping needs. However, firms are equally welcome to leverage our advanced eCMS technology with their own preferred air and ground carriers. This flexibility allows you to either fully utilize our integrated delivery network or maintain your established logistics partnerships, ensuring efficient and reliable express cargo delivery tailored to your needs.

eCMS with E-Fulfillment Capability

Express Cargo Management System (eCMS):
At the core of our success is our eCMS. This platform is a powerhouse in logistics technology, offering e-fulfillment capabilities that interconnect with operational systems used by airlines and ground carriers. Our eCMS allows users to access real-time cargo availability and competitive rates, book shipments effortlessly, and track their cargo from the dock to the door. This integration ensures transparency and efficiency, minimizing delays and reducing costs, making it an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to streamline their shipping processes.

Specialty eCMS
Customer Care Specialists

Threefold Support for Seamless Logistics with Hangar A

At Hangar A, you receive unparalleled support to ensure your express deliveries are seamless and efficient. First, our Customer Care Specialists are there for you, guiding and troubleshooting each shipment from start to finish, ensuring that your service level agreements are exceeded, even in the face of delays or cancellations. Second, our Technical Specialists work with you to ensure that our Express Cargo Management System (eCMS) is seamlessly integrated with your existing TMS, OMS, ERP, or other systems, streamlining your logistics operations and maximizing efficiency. Finally, our Solutions Consultants provide expert advice to help you reinvent and optimize your logistics approach, tailoring solutions to maximize efficiency and competitiveness in your specific market.

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