Revolutionizing Dock-to-Door Deliveries:
Hangar A eCMS

Introducing the Hangar A eCMS, a revolutionary dock-to-door Express Cargo Management System designed to streamline your shipping experience. This user-friendly yet robust system offers a unique blend of next-day and two-day air shipping solutions at the more economical rates of ground transportation. With our four intuitive screens—Shipping Manifest, Booking, Dynamic Pricing, Consumer Tracking, Exception Management, and Visibility Dashboard—you gain complete control and transparency over your shipments. Whether you’re navigating complex logistics or ensuring customer satisfaction, Hangar A eCMS makes it easier than ever to deliver excellence at every step.

Express Delivery Platform
Shipping Manifest Screen

Control at Your Fingertips:
Shipping Manifest Screen

Experience streamlined shipping with our eCMS Shipping Manifest Screen. Tailor every aspect of your shipment from one convenient dashboard. Choose your service type—airport to airport, airport to door, door to airport, or door to door. Enter the origin and destination, along with departure and arrival dates/times. Specify shipping details like quantity, weight, dimensions, and declared value. Set the priority level and add any special handling codes required. This comprehensive tool puts every detail at your fingertips, ensuring your shipment is managed precisely to your specifications.

Navigate Skies and Roads with Ease:
The Booking Screen

Imagine planning your shipment’s journey with the precision of a seasoned pilot. Our intuitive Booking Screen offers you a seamless experience, where you start by selecting the optimal middle-mile air route. But why stop there? Dive deeper and choose your first and last-mile ground carriers, crafting a tailored dock-to-door solution. Whether it’s for next-day urgency or cost-effective two-day delivery, control is at your fingertips. Experience the freedom to fine-tune schedules and costs, ensuring your shipments always find the best path.

Booking Screen
Dynamic Pricing Screen

Access Real-time Costs:
Dynamic Pricing Screen

Experience the power of our Dynamic Pricing Screen through our Express Cargo Management System (eCMS). By tapping into a vast network that includes over 10,000 daily commercial flights and extensive first and final mile ground carriers, you can access real-time pricing adjustments. This feature ensures that you always receive the most cost-effective shipping options available, allowing you to optimize your logistics expenses while maintaining high service quality. This responsive and integrated approach adapts swiftly to market conditions, providing you with unmatched value in your operations.

Empower Your Customers:
Consumer Tracking Screen

Give your customers the gift of transparency with our Consumer Tracking Screen. From the moment a label is created to the final step of delivery, they can follow their parcel’s journey. For those who crave even more detail, the option to view real-time geolocation is just a toggle away—courtesy of your discretion. Empower your customers with knowledge, enhancing their experience and your relationship with every mile traveled.

Feel the future of logistics in your hands with Hangar A eCMS, where precision, adaptability, and transparency aren’t just features—they’re promises.

Consumer Tracking Screen

Stay Ahead of the Unexpected:
Exception Management Screen

The world of logistics doesn’t always follow a straight line. That’s why our Exception Management Screen is your trusted co-pilot. Whether a flight gets bumped or inclement weather reroutes your plans, this screen is your command center for swift, smart adjustments. Change itineraries, manage disruptions, and keep your shipments on track, all with a few clicks. It’s not just about responding; it’s about transforming challenges into opportunities for efficiency.

Total Control at a Glance:
Command Center Console

Step into the visibility dashboard of your shipping operations with our Command Center Console. Here, every shipment is more than a number—it’s a pulse you can monitor. With our color-coded system, instantly discern the status of your parcels. Green signals smooth sailing, while yellow and red alert you to act. From a comprehensive tabular overview to the upcoming geographic view, gain the insights needed to manage every aspect of your shipments, down to individual and container levels.

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