Robust Express Cargo Delivery Network

Hangar A has established a formidable first, middle, and last-mile delivery network comprised of airlines and carrier businesses. This network is a result of strategic partnerships where each participant has integrated their systems with Hangar A’s Express Cargo Management Systems (eCMS). This integration allows for an expansive reach and the flexibility to handle various logistics demands, supporting the express cargo delivery process efficiently. The strength of this network lies in its collaborative framework, which enhances service reliability and extends Hangar A’s capability to offer expedited shipping options across diverse industry sectors.

Hangar A Delivery Network
Plane Cross Section

Cost-Effective Utilization of Passenger Air Cargo Space

At Hangar A, we uniquely harness the often-overlooked cargo space available in the belly of passenger airlines flying across North America. By partnering with major airlines such as Southwest Airlines, Air Canada, and United Airlines, we efficiently utilize this excess capacity, which is not typically used to its fullest by these carriers. This approach not only leads to significant cost savings but also supports our ability to offer next-day and two-day shipping options. Unlike traditional express shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and USPS, which fund their operations primarily through fees charged for cargo, our airline partners already cover their operational costs—staffing, fuel, and maintenance—through passenger fares. This strategic use of available resources allows us to pass on the savings to you, making it a highly cost-effective solution for oversize and big and bulky shipments.

Ground Carrier Excellence

When your shipment reaches the ground, the same level of strategic efficiency and reliability continues. We collaborate exclusively with top-tier ground carriers, employing fleets of panel trucks and lift-gate trucks to manage the dock-to-door journey of your shipments, regardless of size. This capability sets us apart from conventional air express delivery firms, which primarily focus on smaller parcels.

Our ground carriers are established, professional trucking companies. For first-mile deliveries, every driver is TSA-certified, ensuring compliance and security right from the start. While TSA certification is not required for last-mile deliveries, our drivers maintain high standards of professionalism. They operate branded vehicles and wear company uniforms to ensure each delivery is prompt and reflects positively on your brand, contributing to a seamless delivery experience that upholds your reputation.

Express Delivery Ground Carrier
Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security with Hangar A’s Air Transport Network

Our use of airlines for the middle mile of cargo transportation significantly enhances the security of your high-value shipments. In today’s logistics environment, road transport can be vulnerable to criminal activities, where thieves target over-the-road trucks as they depart from warehouses. These criminals often follow the trucks to remote areas, forcibly stop them, and steal the cargo. However, we mitigate these risks by utilizing the inherent security features of airports. Airports are well-equipped with extensive surveillance systems, numerous security personnel, and strict access controls, making them highly secure environments. This shift from road to air transport for the critical leg of delivery not only reduces the potential for theft and violence but also ensures that your goods move within a tightly secured network, offering you peace of mind and safer, more reliable delivery.

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