Air Cargo E-Commerce at 18%; Rapid Rise to 22% by 2022

According to The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Economics, recently released statistics that show air cargo represents 30-35% of airline revenue due to the increase in demand and decrease in capacity, due to the drop in passenger travel. As of December 2020, 18% of air cargo is e-commerce and is expected to rise to 22% by 2022*. This has propelled the air cargo logistics industry towards digital transformation and necessary adoption and it moves towards a more efficient, immediate and automated industry.

Global Airline Industry Cargo and Passenger Revenue

Main Air Logistics Digital Transformation Areas

Needless to say, the global pandemic has pushed the industry to focus on three areas to ensure customer demands are met: speed, digitization and automation. Euromonitor International conducted an industry survey and 72% of retail professionals said the crisis accelerated their digitalization plans by at least one or two years, with 21% saying it fast-forwarded plans by at least three years**. As part of the digital transformation plan, many are turning to digital logistic platforms that offer fast delivery, create a global network by integrating multiple partners for speed and efficiency as well as provides a data-driven digital ecosystem embedded in a logistics value chain.

*IATA Economics, 'Economic Performance of Airline Industry', December 2020

**Euromonitor, Science & Vie, June 2021