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Whether you’re aiming to expand your reach, increase delivery speed, or reduce delivery exceptions, our services are tailored to help you meet customer expectations and grow your business in a cost-effective manner across a wide variety of industries.

Express Shipping Customers
Ecommerce Firm

E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses, ranging from burgeoning startups to established online retailers, benefit immensely from our rapid shipping capabilities. For instance, during high-demand periods like the holiday season, we ensure that items such as large home appliances or medium-sized electronics are delivered swiftly and securely, minimizing customer wait times and enhancing satisfaction. This expedited delivery service is crucial for maintaining a competitive advantage in the fast-paced world of online retail, where speed can be just as important as cost.

Big Box Retailers

Big box retailers, known for their extensive inventory that includes everything from small household items to large appliances and furniture, rely heavily on efficient logistics to keep their stores well-stocked and customer satisfaction high. We offer tailored solutions that are particularly beneficial for these retailers, enabling them to manage inventory across vast networks of stores efficiently.

For example, if a regional store runs low on high-demand items like large screen TVs or patio furniture sets, we can facilitate rapid restocking with next-day or two-day delivery services. This capability not only helps maintain inventory levels but also reduces the likelihood of stockouts during critical sales periods, ensuring that customers always find what they need and contributing to a seamless shopping experience. Our expertise in handling oversize and big and bulky shipments makes us a preferred partner for big box retailers who need reliable, quick turnarounds on a diverse range of product sizes.

Big Box Retailer
Pharmaceutical Company

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, timely delivery is not just a matter of customer service but of patient safety and care. We provide next-day or two-day delivery services that are essential for urgent medical shipments, such as critical medication needed for ongoing treatments. This service ensures that pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics maintain an uninterrupted supply of necessary medical products, directly impacting patient care and treatment efficacy.


For biotech companies, where the transportation of sensitive biological materials is frequent, Hangar A’s reliable and swift logistics solutions are vital. Whether it’s delivering equipment for lab setups or critical samples for clinical trials, our handling and timing precision ensure that these materials arrive in optimal condition, thereby safeguarding the integrity of scientific research and development processes.

Biotechnology Company
Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Our logistics capabilities excel in the consumer electronics market by accommodating a wide range of product sizes and ensuring their rapid delivery across North America. From small, delicate items like smartphones or earbuds to larger, more robust goods like large screen TVs, Hangar A’s network offers specialized handling for oversized and bulky shipments. This ensures that products are delivered quickly and safely, reducing the risk of damage and returns.

Apparel and Luxury Goods

In the fashion and luxury space, we support the swift distribution of high-value products, from designer clothing to luxury accessories, ensuring they reach boutiques and customers in pristine condition. Our express delivery services allow for quick restocking during peak shopping seasons or the immediate shipment of high-end products for special events, enhancing customer service and brand reputation.

Apparel Store
Autoparts Warehouse

Transportation Industry

Minimizing vehicle downtime is critical in the transportation industry, . We support this need by providing next-day delivery for everything from small gaskets to bulky exhaust systems. This service is crucial for maintaining the operational efficiency of commercial fleets and public transportation, ensuring that vehicles spend less time in repair and more time in service.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Companies

Hangar A partners with traditional third-party logistics companies to enhance their services with express delivery options. Many 3PLs specialize in over-the-road (OTR) deliveries that usually take several days. By integrating our express delivery solutions, these firms can now provide faster, more competitive services. This is particularly valuable for oversized and bulky shipments, where Hangar A’s robust network of panel and lift-gate trucks plays a crucial role, filling a critical gap in the market.

3PL Company

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